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  • ------Original Message-----
    From: David Tan [mailto: zennexxignxxxx@hotmail.com]
    Subject: Hello
    Subject: Hello

    I am Terence from Malaysia. I have planned to buy growth flex pills since I saw my friend has obviously grown taller 1 month after taking the pills.Anyway,I have no idea about how to make the payment.

    Also,3 months supply might be too expensive for me,may I know if I can get any discount for 2 months supply?

    Last question,I am not sure if my friend was purchasing the pills from another company because he just told me he was buying grow-flex from Canada,I am not sure if there are other companies has similar product name.

    Thank you
    From: Terence
  • ------Original Message-----
    • *NAME: Sarah
      EMAIL: sarah_nawaz78xxxx@hotmail.com
      AGE: 19
      HEIGHT: 5ft 2
    SUBJECT: question

    QUESTION: hi i have been using ur product for 2 months so far, and am currently on my last bottle(3rd month) i have only grown half an inch and was wondering now im on the 3rd month will i grow any more, and can having already ordered 3 bottles,

    Can i order more-?
  • -----Original Message-----
    Subject: Testimonial


    After a month of treatment, I saw some differences. When I woke up the morning, I feel much taller than at usual , and it looks like it do this more and more each morning. But, I did two days of weight trainning and now I didn't get the same feeling, so, I would like to know if it was a good sign and a sign that happened when the growth started.
    Is the treatment efficace for everybody, that we gain approximately 3 inches(if Im in my growth phase with a good stretching/free weight trainning
    + a very good diet) could you answer to all please!

    Thanks you,
  • -----Original Message-----
    • Subject: Re: RE: RE: RE: RE: question


      I have received the 3 pack Growth system product
      via Canadian Air Mail.

      I was extremely excit'd &
      have begun using it for last 7 days.

      Things..i noticed..so far im feeling an abundance of
      energy..my body aches have disappeared..emotionally
      im feeling great..good sleep.

      Im waiting for these booster's to pep up
      my growth..Even 1.5-2 inches ht increase i would call it
      a success..and order more.

      PS: Later,I want to take up Disribution of your
      products(India)..and cite my case in advertisements.


      --Vikas Kuchu
      City: Bangalore Province: Karnataka Country: INDIA
  • ------Original Message-----
    Subject: Testimonial

    Hi there... i will be trying your product on the next few months and i really believe it is going to work, i have friends that already used and the results were wonderful. After i finish my treatment, if everytthing goes well i would like to start talking with you to bring the product to brazil, i am pretty sure it will sell a lot here as soon as we have heaps short people and people in brazil cares a lot about fitness and beauty. I dont know how to preceed but my idea is to sell it using a web site. Please give me directions about percentages, and how can we work together.

    I hope to grow 2 inches at least and if it happens i am 100% sure we will sell a lot in my country...

    Thanks Leo
  • -----Original Message-----
    • *NAME: sagnik mahata
      EMAIL: deadmanxxxx0000@hotmail.com
      AGE: 21
      HEIGHT: 5' 9 1/2"
    Subject: question

    QUESTION: i received my second height bottle of growth flex-v system and i want to receive the bonus package that i should get with it, so if you can just help me with it..i have already gained one and half inches in a month with your supplement, and i am looking forward so please help me with my bonus package

    City: kalyani Province: WEST BENGAL Country: india
  • -----Original Message-----
    • Subject: Re: grow taller order....

      I have the package, thanks a lot for your help

      A satisfied customer
      Delegacion Gutavo A Madero Mexico, D.F.
  • -----Original Message-----
    Subject: RE: question

    Thank you very much for your impressive service.

    Saralnuch S.
    Banglanpoolang Klongsan Bangkok THAILAND
  • -----Original Message-----
    Subject: my order


    I've received the package a couple days ago. I just want to say thank you for your effort. It's been the best of service here, and I'm very pleased. I will for certain return for more packages and hope to receive them all like this time

    Once again thank you for your package and your service!

    Sara Pham
    CITY: Oslo STATE: Oslo COUNTRY: Norway
  • ----Original Message-----
    Subject: Height increase

    I am 21 year old from California and I would like to say that this product is probably one of the best I have ever tried,

    I tried all the other exercises and they did not work this is definitely the best.

    Absalon Alonsoa
  • -----Original Message-----
    Subject: RE: Thank you for your order.

    Dear Ken
    I did receive a refund, thank you. Can I ask why I was unable to purchase your product? Are you out of supply?
    I am happy to find out that the first item I ordered off the internet was actually not a scam.

    Thank you again.
    British Columbia Canada
  • -----Original Message-----
    Subject: Feedback

    Hi there, I am using ur product for last 2 months now. After 2 months I measured that my height has increased around 1.3cm. I am happy to see that at least this product is working, unlike the previous products I used. I have another 2 months capsules left. After 2 months of using that if I see my height is still increasing, I'll order for another 4 months product. I do a lot of excercises. Please let me know if there is any other factor (like, diet) that can help to increase my height.

    Thanking you,
  • -----Original Message-----
    • NAME: Marina
      AGE: 26
      HEIGHT: 1.65"cm or inches"
    Subject: question

    QUESTION: Hello,
    I am using heightboosting system for 4 month already .
    I use to measure myselve every week and couple of days ago noticed 2 cm of growth[i use to be 1.63.].I also do make a back stretching exercises . Because relying on the testimonials of your product i expected to grow a little bit more.

    Thank you
    Marina, City; Hadera Country; Israel
  • ----Original Message-----
    Subject: Re: regarding my purchase

    It would be my pleasure. Only for my privacy please post the message as anounomous. so here is what i would like to be posted, and please keep my email address anounmous when your posting the message. Thank you.
    SinoTech is an awesome company. They have the best people backing up their service. If you truely dont see any results in their product they are so generous and so caring about you that they will make sure you receive your refund. Furthermore, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ken who is such a kind hearted soul that he will make sure to take care of you. They have an awesome doctor that will help you the best he can. SinoTech company is truely one company that you will not find better support ever,
    Thank you very much ken, your a life saver man, you really treated me with the best kind of care i have ever come across. Your are saint man, because there are too many good people like you who would help someone young, low income, and a college student like myself. Ever since i stopped using the item the nauciousness has worn off a quit a bit so i guess i had some type of allergy to it because i would always feel heavyness in my chest and would feel sick. Thanks again man and may you live to be 100000 years old for your great efforts and generous behavior, and for really taking care of me. I will be awaiting for your confirmation, you should recieve the stuff in another 2-3 days, im positive. .

  • -----Original Message-----

    Thank you very much for your response, i will have a great time growing and i know already after 3 weeks that your dietary, growth system and supplement is already going to be a boost for me, one way or another, thanks alot guys.

    ( i am 6"2 now and i hope to be 6"5)
  • ----Original Message-----
    Subject: Message from Growth-Flex Site

    Message: DEAR KEN

  • -----Original Message-----
    Subject: regarding the bonus

    Hi there,
    I have ordered the 3 months supply of heigth boost
    system/supplements. This is my second order. I am satisfied
    with the supplement when my son tried it. Just I want
    to know how I could get the bonus for my first order.

    Thank you,
    Amy BAyanbat (CITY: Denver STATE: CO, COUNTRY: USA)
  • -----Original Message-----

    Hello Dan,
    • Here is the information.
      * First Name:Nck
      * Last Name:-
      * Age:26
      * City: San Francisco
      * Country:US
      * Zip Code: 94134
      * Before Height:5'6"
      * After Height:5'6"
      * Male/Femal:Male
      * E-Mail: (Optional)
    Subject: Hello Dan

    I am going to try another 3 months of you pills.

  • ----Original Message-----
    Subject: Status of Order

    To Whom This May Concern,
    This is to inform you that i have placed a new order today for a one month supply of Growth FlexV system. I have personally tried the product myself and it has helped boost my height from 5'5 to 5'7 which is why i m now buying it for a friend. I would appreciate if you can send me a confirmation email regarding my order.

    Thank You
    Priyanka Dave
  • -----Original Message-----
    Subject: Testimonial


    I turned 18 in the start of august. I've took like 7/8 cm in 3 months of treatment. inches. I feel better when I walk, in the sense, would say that I am bigger. I would like to know some questions and comments about it.

    1) Did I got normal or fused bones?
    2) How inches should I take since the doctor told me I still got 2-3 years
    to grow.
    3) I trained my body really well during the first month and half and after
    got some back problems. But my growth didn't changed. I gained approximately
    1/4 of inches per month.
    4) I would like to know your comments about my growth etc....

    thanks you,
  • ----Original Message----
    Subject: RE: question

    My results from the first period of taking growth flex system was, my original height started at 5"5 and a half and i am currently 5"7. I am very pleased with the results of growth flex and could really feel the
    difference it was having on my body. Unfortunately I had dislocated
    both my shoulders as a teenager and have tried many products to provide
    strength to build them up. Growth flex really worked but the symptons i
    suffer with my shoulders is starting to creep back, as I have finished
    the course of growth flex I had previously ordered.

    Many thanks,
    Taynor McNally
    (road, London, (United Kingdom).
  • ----Original Message-----
    Subject: Hi Mr. Ken,G.

    Hi Mr. Ken,G!
    I am Farhod, do you remember me? This is my another e-mail adress.
    I want to express my gratitude for sending Growth Flex. I really appreciate it.
    You can't realise how I'm happy. I got the preparate, and this is one of my best days of my life. Thanks a lot. By the way, I wanted to ask you, I read the letter that was sent to me with this product. And there was written something about free bonus exercises. IS that true? I can get free advises or something like that?
    Once more thank you very much.
    I'm looking forward to get a message from you.

    Sincerely yours Farhod.
  • ------- Original Message --------
    • * First Name: Hossi
      * Last Name: Mn Hossi Hostvedt
      * Age:34
      * City: Coon Rapids
      * Country: MN USA
      * Zip Code 55448
      * Before Height: 5'6"
      * After Height: 5'7"
      * Male/Femal: female
      * E-Mail: lionhexxxx20usa@yahoo.com
    Subject: Testimonial

    After using your product for only one month, I noticed an inch in height increase, better muscle recovery, faster hair growth, better mood overall, and better digestive track function. Overall, it seemed to clear up problems left over from a low T4 thyroid, and ulcers. I definately feel this product turned back the hands of time, so to say, offering me the feeling of youth and overall wellbeing!

    Thanks for a product that finally works!

    (Hossi, Mn Hossi Hostvedt age 34 Coon Rapids, MN USA 55448 went from 5'6" to 5'7" female lionhexxxx20usa@yahoo.com)

  • ------Original Message-----
    • * First Name:Nastya
      * Last Name:Khalood
      * Age:30
      * City:Toronto
      * Country:Canada
      * Zip Code m9m2w2
      * Before Height:152 cm.
      * After Height:156 cm.
      * Male/Femal: female
      * E-Mail: zarxxxxxma19@hotmail.com
    Subject: thank you

    Hi , my name is Khalood,I want to say thank you for that wonderfull product ,I am so happy that I gained 2 inches just for 16 weeks .My all wishes come to thruth,I am so happy,Now I ordered again.

    Thank you .
    Nastya Khalood
  • -----Original Message-----
    • First Name: Daniel
      Last Name: Butt
      Age: 18
      City: Montreal
      Country: Canada
      Zip Code: H1R1N2
      Before Height: 5'9
      After Height: 5'11
      E-Mail: bill_shafxxxxxx8@hotmail.com
    Subject: Testimonial for Growth-Flex

    I don't know anyone else who will believe that it would be possible to increase height. I don't need any explanation for that because I myself experienced it. I grew 2 inches in two months! and I am still growing. My uncle met me this year and remarked that I had grown. My strength has increased. O yeah and I am damn serious, I experienced in my workout. I reallly don't believe. Actually I feel sorry for those who don't know about this product. I'll actually recommend this to my aunt. This product was a god send. Man, now I beleive everything is possible except for dribbling with a football.

    Cheers! :)
    Daniel B
  • -----Original Message-----
    • First Name: Alessandro
      Last Name:Delpiero
      City: Bradford
      Country:United Kingdom
      ZIP:BD5 0QR
      New Height: 5'8

    I would to state that growth-flex system has improved my posture and sleeping
    habits greatly which have resulted in enhanced muscle growth as I work out
    regularly lifting weights.The increased HGH levels results in reaching your fitness goals in minimum time.

  • ------Original Message-----
    • First Name: Rohit
      Last Name: Kumar
      Age: 20
      City: Ann Arbor
      Country: USA
      ZIP: 48109
      Before Height: 5'7
      After Height: 5'9
    Subject: Growth flex testimonial

    I started growth flex about 6 months ago and grew an astounding 2 inches in the late end of my growth spurt. No matter who tells you what this is a safe and effective package and the longer you take it the better the effects are. I have followed instructions well and took it regularly. I have never felt better. I feel fit, and even somewhat stronger ever since. My workout strength has gone and my workouts have been more effective. I have been really thankful for this package and Im thinking of even starting up again to gain an inch or two more. I feel so happy.

    Thank you growth flex
    Rohit Kumar
  • -----Original Message-----
    • First Name: Enriquez
      Last Name: P.V
      Age: 32
      City: Brossard
      Country: Canada
      ZIP: H3N1V7
      Before Height: 5'6
      After Height: 5'7.5
    Subject: Growth flex testimonial

    This testimonial is for growth-flexV System as Im very satisfied with your growth system provided to me few years ago. My sefl esteem was very low in the past and I was always thinking that I was the smallest person on earth since evething was blank in my life and nothing was helping. I used your system and followed the instruction and gained mazing results such as self confidient, better postuer and mainly my improved height. I think no more about my height and being short is now a history that I do not even think of it anymore. You solved my life biggest problem and god bless your team for helping me as I can now have better lifestyle, going out with friends shoulder to shoulder and having a happy living.

    My best wishes for helping me!
    Enriquez P.V
  • -----Original Message-----
    • * First Name: Ray
      * Last Name: Gutierrez
      * Age: 23
      * City: Bakersfield
      * Country: United States of America
      * Zip Code: 93307
      * Before Height: 5' 7"
      * After Height: 5' 8"
      * Male
      * E-Mail: gutixxx8@sbcglobal.net
    Subject: Ray Gutierrez testimonial

    My name is Ray. I have been taking Growth flex system for 3 months now. I feel that the supplement is not only a height increse product but an over all body stimulant. I feel really good through out the day, full of energy and always looking forward to the end of the day to get my exercise in. I have only grown an inch but i still have another month of the supplement to go and i hope i can turn that inch into 2 or 3.

    Until then i just keep in mind that effort equals results.
    Ray Gutierrez
  • -From: amit prajapati [mailto:amitp_xxxx2@yahoo.com]
    Subject: ToDanny

    To Sir Danny:

    This mail I am writing to you to say A BIG THANKS to you for helping me out to get my order. If you had not intervened, I dont think it would have been possible to get my order. You can just imagine Sir I ordered back in September and was thinking I would now never get my order as also shipping department was a bit annoyed as they said they sent two orders to me....but luckily due to your intervention and timely followups, I have finally got it.

    Dear Sir, as I did not get your product in time. I started another height therapy program hxxxxt.com from our country India only and so I dont think that I should take Growth Flex at the same time...So I will not take it for two or three months. I dont think the Growth Flex gets expire by that time. But in the end THANK YOU SSSSOOOOO MUCH for understanding and helping a harried customer.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Truly,
    Amit Prajapati
  • -Subject: (no subject) (Micxxxxust@aol.com) (Michxxxxt@aol.com)
    From: Exxxxn@aol.com
    • * First Name: Larisa
      * Last Name: Grigorova
      * Age: 42
      * City: Newcastle
      * Country: Australia
      * Zip Code: 2302
      * Before Height: 153cm
      * After Height: 160cm
      * Male/Femal: female
      * E-Mail: (Optional)
    Your product is fantastic guys , thank you for helping me so much
    Subject: (no subject)

    Hi its ben amushan let me tell you that first of all sinotech is the best company ive seen it is truly that good.

    these are the reasons
    1. always reply to emails doesn't matter what ques you have they will help you get taller and give you what you need to grow taller
    2. i have heard so many things about this company and when i first went on the website i was amazed at how many test. there were of people who grew and proof with pics too
    3. you can start a real buisness with sinotech and even become a millionaire one day and who these days could you do that with

    its just an smasing company

    and thanks to Danny becasue he has been there with me giving me answers and alsways reply very quickly while other growth companies dont even reply at all now what does that tell you.

    i just love grow flex soooo much!!

    The first week i used it i saw and increase in muscle and you know what i even got a six pzc with the right exercises from the bonus they give you whn ordering.Lastly i was 5 ft 6 and after using it for a month i grew two inches to 5 ft 8 and i took in on a scale and now people really know the difference. I also want people to know this height can vary it can take people just months to become 2-3 and some up to 4 months so i will advise you to stick at it trust me you will grow and need any help ask the assitants they are sooo helpful and always reply no matter what!

    i am and i WILL start my buisness with sinotech i can promise you and will sell the product

    You need grow-flex because size matters!!



    ps. LoL sorry can't help but say i ove you GUYS!!!
    God bless you





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