• How we can use gravity to grow taller?
    “This might surprise you, but gravity actually plays an impact on height. That is why your height goes through minute differences based on your body position. Sleeping is a state where gravity is no longer applied to your vertical axis, so the body is able to expand. Imagine it like releasing a breath—the spongy discs between your bones stretch out and expand. To test this out, run an experiment at home. Mark a point on the wall that you can barely reach. Try reaching that exact spot as soon as you wake up, you will realize that you can get to it easily as you are taller. Of course, this effect is temporary as gravity starts working on your throughout the day. This means pressure is again applied downwards and the distance between your discs once again decreases.”

    Repeated movement of this process is a factor that contributes to your height shrinking over time. Elders stoop over as the spine curves and they are no longer able to straighten. With this understanding in mind, getting consistent sleep over time is crucial to maintaining good height over your lifetime, getting taller and stimulating human growth hormone in your body.

  • Does this mean you get taller in space as an astronaut?
    “NASA has reported that their astronauts can gain as much as 2 inches of height living in microgravity. The human spine is not rigid, but acts like spools able to react to pressure. In space, gravity is not pushing down on your spine so a short individual gets taller as they spend time in orbit. This phenomenon is not fully understood – more research can lead to better techniques on rehabilitating injuries, the development of growth and adding height to an individual. NASA is leading the way by installing ultrasound technology on the International Space Station so that detailed observations can be recorded on the changes of astronaut spines. The space crew will be trained to operate, monitor and report the results of this new equipment. When the astronauts return to Earth, the process and rate by which they lose their gained height can also be studied. ”

    Scientists can use this data to know more about growth phases under different gravitational conditions. This research leads to a very interesting step towards future space exploration and settlement. You need to know how an embryo will develop in a different gravitation pressure to make space reproduction and space colonies feasible. Gravity and the human body are closely linked –even the rate of your vessel blood flow is an evolution factor.

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This Informational Guide Book Provided is to Boost Your Health and Wellness But Should Not Be Used Without Professional Advice!

Our combined due diligence is aimed at presenting the most up-to-date information on these subjects so you can make important choices starting now. That being said, due to this very changing nature, errors can happen to the presentation, and interpretation of laws, regulations and health updates.

Thus, there is no certification of how accurate the information provided is on the content of this guide either expressed or implied. Due to the multitude of factors, individual results vary and timelines are not strict. Further, the information presented should not be taken as profession or medical advice. When making life changes you should consult your physician, knowledgeable about your own history before starting diet and exercise changes. No part of this book, in part or in full, may be reproduced, or sold in any way without the written consent of the publisher.

This Guide is FREE because we believe in the value of this information to EMPOWER YOU to make educated choices in your life.

How To Grow Taller

We have a highly designed system that shares its secrets for height increase in an easy to follow guide. Our steps are broken down, and explained so anyone, at any height can adopt our practices to maximize their potential height. This means improved posture, nutrition, exercise and HEIGHT. This is not a standard guide that you can find commonly on the Internet. This guide gives you exceptional basic options as well as creative, new ways to make your life better. We have invaluable tips that will propel you to new heights, that you never thought were possible.

It is perfectly normal to have the desire to become taller. If you feel frustrated and are often depressed at your lack of inches, do not worry. Height matters and it is affecting your life. So take all these negative feelings and convert them into positive results. Use The Basic Height System that you now have access to and stand tall in the face of this adversity. There is no more need to feel self-conscious when you compare yourself to others. You do not have to feel inferior anymore as this guide is designed for you, to become the best version of yourself.

This simple investment helpfully formatted in this easy-to-follow book is what you have been waiting for. Read the answers that are here and enhance your life in many ways. Research has found that shorter people are passed over everyday in job opportunities and love possibilities. This has been tied to evolutionary social stigmas that society has taught us. You must accept and celebrate your body. But that does not mean you have to lie down, especially when you have the potential for height increase. You can stand shoulder to should alongside others that you would normally have to look up to. Do not give into envy and instead take all your dedication and funnel it into a lifestyle change.

Your time has come; it’s your turn now.

Before beginning our specially designed program here are a few key points that should be noted:

• Follow our Basic Height System thoroughly and completely.

• On that end, read the whole guide so you can plan ahead and know exactly the details of what results you can expect and look forward to.

• Do not attempt these changes if you have questionable health, are unwell before consulting your trusted physician. These are guided exercise and dietary changes that you need to make sure you are able and approved to perform. Even if you are perfectly healthy, it is best to consult a physician as a general safety precaution.

• Be realistic: this is not a miracle system that will happen instantly. We need something from you: passion, endurance and dedication. This system is designed to add up to 5 inches to your height over a general period of 4 to 6 weeks, varying between individuals. Everybody reacts differently and you may need less or more time. Do no give up, and you will be pleased with the results.

Scientific Study

Some of you may be skeptical and that is natural. Can people change their body? Pessimists will try to convince you otherwise, but all you have to do is look at athletics and you realize one thing. It has already been done. Our system is revolutionary because it recognizes that the body, in itself, has the ability to change.

In the sport of baseball, a pitcher’s throwing arm can be seen to be 1 to 3 inches longer than his other arm. This is a direct result of exercise, AFTER the age of puberty. The right arm of every professional Jai Alai player is at least 2 inches longer than his left arm (another result of vigorous exercise). The truth is, our body adapts to what we put it through.

Look at the simple fact that people all around the world have different average heights. Different country’s, even with very similar genetic makeup can have radical height differences. That is because the environment a species lives in, matters. It matters that there are different nutritional factors that directly impact height. Nutrition is something that is under your control. You can change your nutrition and get taller as a result. Multiple studies have been committed to this very fact, as organizations are dedicated to recording and researching these findings. Even if you are well past your puberty years, going into your 50s do no worry. Even your body has the potential to unlock change, with the right combination of exercise and diet.

We factor in the differences such as bone structure, physical condition, posture, diet, and environment in our calculations. The advice given is with all that in mind. The following pages will go through, one by one, solutions to your height problem.


Easy way to grow taller - Improvie Posture

Bad postures inflict millions everyday. This is so common, especially with the introduction of technology, increased stress and horrible habits that you have picked up over you life without knowing it. This solution is simple and effective at maximizing height potential. Take full advantage of the height you already have, so you can see quick results before going through the more intensive program. If you think you already stand properly, then take another look. It is more than standing tall; it is about training your body to maintain this position naturally and without concentrated effort on your part. There is a proper equation for the correct ration of angles between your head, pelvis and legs to make sure you are moving correctly. Do not underestimate this solution, as bad posture will catch up you and lead to health complications that could have been easily avoided. Your body is designed in a certain way that works at its best when you are positioning it correctly. Give yourself the gift of height, wellness and happiness.



Incorrect posture can be identified at the hip. This essential joint is important in streamlining movement. Athletes like sprinters focus on hip strength, as they know without it they will not be able to master their sport. Sitting down, shortens the hip muscles that connect the femur to the lower back. Prolonged sitting with bad posture shortens these muscles so it pulls on your femur and lower spine. In basic terms, your hip tilts forward too much and causes lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and flat feet.

Let’s check if you have a titled pelvis.

• Check the shape of your spine.

• The Thomas Test.

• Videotape yourself or get a friend to watch you as you do this exercise. Sit on the edge of a table and grab both knees. Lean back onto your back and let go of one leg so it extends outward until your thigh touches the table. If your thigh doesn’t touch the table, without you having to extend your knee, you have a titled pelvis.

A titled pelvis takes away some of your height. You need to develop your stomach muscles and follow the exercises specifically designed for you in Chapter 5 and 6 to boost your height.


Knock-knees literally mean that your knees are touching, as your legs turn inward but there is a gap between your ankles. This means you walk with your weight on the inner arch of your feet, making you appear shorter. This can be caused be obesity, injury, or rickets (a Vitamin D deficiency). If you have this posture problem, a doctor can prescribe a special shoe, or inserts making the pressure raise your arches. Your knees will separate and straighten your legs, to boost your height.

If you have seen a small toddler, under 18 months walk you have witnessed a normal version of bowlegs. The knees are wide apart and with the feet and ankles together. The toddler uses this posture to gain balance, but this should not continue as you age. If it does, you need to get prescribed shoes/inserts to distribute weight on the instep.



Shoulders are a key part of your body. If you readjust your shoulders to align properly, many posture problems will be corrected. Your shoulders round when the large shoulder muscles (middle and lower trapezius) get weak. Again a good tip is to videotape yourself, or get a friend to watch for carrying your head too forward. Your upper part of the spine curves abnormally. One reason can be using a pillow that is too large for you. Look to the next chapter, for how to overhaul your sleeping practices to add inches to your height.

If you have Round Shoulders, do not worry. We have put together exercise No. 3 in Chapter 4 to target this specific problem.

The Myth of the Straight Back:

You will be surprised that we do not want you to keep your back straight. Of course, that does not mean you should continue slouching. Many other guides simply tell you that good posture is important and you should stand straight. This advice is too general, and leads to many people trying to adopt a stiff back that actually works against proper breathing. This Guide will make it so that good posture will become second nature to you, so that you are relaxed and comfortable.

A new study by Scottish and Canadian researchers used a new form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and what they realized is that a straight back is not natural. They informed the Radiological Society of North America that a lean of 135 degrees is the best position to be sitting down. Most people sit for multiple hours a day. Sitting has become a part of the reality of the world, with people sitting for work and coming home to sit while browsing the Internet.


The key is to learn how to sit properly. Some experts speak on the importance of this subject.

Dr. Waseem Bashir is a part of the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging from the University of Alberta Hospital in Canada. He states you have to sit in a “sound anatomical position” to avoid pain, illness and a deformed body.

So what is this sound anatomical position?

The answer comes from Levent Caglar from the charity BackCare. You need a natural S-shape standing position. If the 135 degrees make you slide, the best angle between your thigh and torso should be 120 degrees.

Either way, the British Chiropractic Association say back pain is as common as one in every three people. The problem: Sitting for long periods
Solution: Posture exercises


Bad posture is not limited to sitting. It can afflict you at any moment, but you can arm yourself with this information that as you stand, or move around you are helping your body. Statistically, most people wear shoes that are cushioned and have a “positive heel” (the back heel is higher than the toe). It has long been thought, that these are the kinds of shoes that are necessary and help your feet. A study at Harvard proved that these cushioned shoes actually could lead to more foot injuries.

The reason? The cushion absorbs the shock of the ground, allowing you to land on your heel and not feel a thing as you run or walk. This actually goes against our natural posture. The best thing to correct this is to walk barefoot when possible, forcing your muscles to support the arch of your feet instead of relying on artificial cushions. You will start to land mid-foot instead of the heel. Look up the Barefoot movement, and choose from an new assortment of minimal shoes that let your body’s natural posture work for itself.

When you are mobile, avoid slouching forward, with your chin centered on your shoulders. Visualize a string pulling you up from your head gently with your eyes forward. Your shoulders should be relaxed and slightly back. Have a strong centre, and feel the power in your abdomen area. This will keep your posture in check.

Correct Sleeping Habits

We cannot ignore almost the third of our life that is spent sleeping. Sleep may seem like a chunk of time where nothing happens but that is completely wrong. Even if your consciousness is not aware, sleeping is actually the most productive time of the day for your body. It is a natural state, where the body is in a heightened state of growth, repair and replenishment of the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. This is the time where you can encourage a natural response out of your body to increase height. You need to capitalize on the work already being done.

That being said, the first step is to correct the harmful habits that all adults can form in their lifetime:

Quantity: Even if you thinking binging on 4 hours of sleep is all you needed, to still be functional the next day you are wrong. This actually increases the risk for gaining weight, high blood pressure and some diseases like diabetes. You need an average of 7 to 8 full hours of sleep to be performing at peak capacity. Anything less will decrease your neurological functions and in extreme instances can be dangerous when performing attentive tasks such as driving home.

Compression: Sleeping is closely linked to height and wellness. Most people would be shocked to learn that if you remained in bed for several days, that within that time span you would actually increase your height as much as a full inch! Unfortunately, this increase in height is only a temporary condition. It would be impractical and humorous to instruct people to stay in bed all day!

It is the forces of gravity that compress the disc between the vertebrae to their original width and you revert back to your original height. However, not all is lost and targeted exercise can teach your body to maintain a part of that extension even when you are walking around.

The Pillow Myth: Everybody has a pillow. Yet, most newborns sleep without one and most of never question it when you start to use one later on in life. If you have ever slept with a pillow that is too large, you understand how easy it can be to stretch neck muscles in a way that is not natural. People often wake up, having slept “wrong” with neck pains and shoulder aches. A pillow actually pushes the head forward, and you back arches to compensate. Your body is designed to sleep without these aides. Consider how silly it is, when you realize that you never put your neck and spine in this strange position when you are walking around. It is illogical to expect your body to need a different spinal arrangement for sleeping than it does for walking around during the day. If you spend 8 hours of sleeping in this unnatural position, your body adapts to the negative changes and can even maintain this harmful position during the day. This could result in the condition commonly known as “Round Shoulders”

Having abandoned the pillow, you need to make sure your mattress can support you. It needs to be firm enough to fully support the natural shape of your spine. Sit on your mattress; make sure you are not sinking into it as this will encourage the extreme curving of your spine. Once you have a firm mattress, the way to encourage height growth is to lie on your back, with your arms and legs pointed downwards. Do not force your limbs into an extreme stretch, just naturally extend them as far as they go. It is also natural to move around a bit during the night, but concentrate in being as straight as possible.

The truth is change, even change for the better, is uncomfortable at first. This is natural and expected. What you need to do, is make sure this initial discomfort does not stop you from giving up. Pushing through this initial discomfort is what will propel you into more comfortable, fulfilled nights of growth and relaxation.

→ Key Points:
Quantity of sleep (8 hour)
Compression exercises, discussed later.
No pillow
Firm mattress

Stage I (Preliminary Exercises)
Much of the information above has been a prelude to make sure you are in the right state of body and mind to start these exercises. This is where the results will come together to boost your frame with added height. These results are not easy but require dedication and drive from your part.

Physical activity has always been a stimulator of growth. Any athletes can attest to this fact, that exercise builds and molds the body to achieve spectacular results. Scientists in various studies have collaborated these results and it is this potential that we are capitalizing on and targeting to accelerate height growth.

This chapter shares preparatory exercises, in a set of 6 that will build your foundation to go onto the latter two stages. Even if you are not a stranger to fitness: do no skip this step. You could already go to the gym everyday, but these exercises done in the proper time target your body differently. Perform all of the exercises in this chapter twice a day; once in the morning, after waking up and once in the evening, before going to bed for 7 consecutive days before you start the Body Conditioning Exercises. This stage will stay with you to be done for an extra two weeks even while you are doing the Body Conditioning Exercises.

Time is valuable. That is why the exercises are designed to be completed within a 15-minute time frame. Before you begin this exercise undertaking, you need to solidify your determination and mentally prepare yourself for a height journey. You cannot falter if things get hard, for if you give up the height will never come to you. Strong determination will get you through these weeks, with the results waiting for you at the end. You can make them possible.

Focalize your mind into a single point. Get Tall. Anytime you feel like skipping a day, or giving up remind yourself why you are doing this. Visualize the height. In order to accomplish this, you must exercise whenever you can and have enough will to carry on each day without giving up. Don’t cheat yourself out of this opportunity. You owe it to yourself to give it your all.

Once you have begun Regular Exercise Program, as described in chapter 6, you must not stop these exercises.

Note: While we give recommendations in our program, for what we believe is a standard time frame for each exercise, make sure to listen to your body. Do no overexert yourself, as exhaustion does not help the body. If you have a shortness of breath or become overly fatigued, discontinue these exercises immediately until you are rested enough to continue at your own pace.

With all this being said, you will be surprised at how manageable these first exercises seem. That is purposeful. The preliminary exercises are meant for preparation, for your body to get used to a type of movement. These easier exercises are bracing your body for the harder work to come. Even so, they still are working towards good posture development, straightening of the spine, and stretching the body. All of these will contribute to height increase.

Being fit is more than exercises. This system is designed for height increase. It is recommended that you fit in physical recreation activities such as walking, jogging, tennis, swimming, bicycling, handball, baseball, soccer and any type of activity involving muscle exertion. These whole body activities foster great overall benefits. Your body is a machine, and if you do not use it regularly the parts start to lose their edge and become static.





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