• How we can use gravity to get taller?
    “This might surprise you, but gravity actually plays an impact on height. That is why your height goes through minute differences based on your body position. Sleeping is a state where gravity is no longer applied to your vertical axis, so the body is able to expand. Imagine it like releasing a breath—the spongy discs between your bones stretch out and expand. To test this out, run an experiment at home. Mark a point on the wall that you can barely reach. Try reaching that exact spot as soon as you wake up, you will realize that you can get to it easily as you are taller. Of course, this effect is temporary as gravity starts working on your throughout the day. This means pressure is again applied downwards and the distance between your discs once again decreases.”

    Repeated movement of this process is a factor that contributes to your height shrinking over time. Elders stoop over as the spine curves and they are no longer able to straighten. With this understanding in mind, getting consistent sleep over time is crucial to maintaining good height over your lifetime, getting taller and stimulating human growth hormone in your body.
  • Does this mean you get taller in space as an astronaut?
    “NASA has reported that their astronauts can gain as much as 2 inches of height living in microgravity. The human spine is not rigid, but acts like spools able to react to pressure. In space, gravity is not pushing down on your spine so a short individual gets taller as they spend time in orbit. This phenomenon is not fully understood – more research can lead to better techniques on rehabilitating injuries, the development of growth and adding height to an individual. NASA is leading the way by installing ultrasound technology on the International Space Station so that detailed observations can be recorded on the changes of astronaut spines. The space crew will be trained to operate, monitor and report the results of this new equipment. When the astronauts return to Earth, the process and rate by which they lose their gained height can also be studied. ”

    Scientists can use this data to know more about growth phases under different gravitational conditions. This research leads to a very interesting step towards future space exploration and settlement. You need to know how an embryo will develop in a different gravitation pressure to make space reproduction and space colonies feasible. Gravity and the human body are closely linked –even the rate of your vessel blood flow is an evolution factor.

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Can Stress Impact My Height?

Stress is something that is not simple to measure. It is a psychological phenomenon that manifests a physical body reaction. When something is upsetting your emotional sense of self in a negative way, the body treats this as a danger. Thus, many automatic body defenses get activated to create a “fight-or-flight” response. Previously, this was a positive benefit for our ancestors, as many of the stresses they were faced with required them to engage in battle or run for survival. These days, stress is not triggered in connection to survival but to everyday activities. More commonly things like, work-life, relationship dynamics, health issues and various other responsibilities cause this same reaction. Of course, it is not healthy for this stress response to be continually triggered. In fact, it very much can be a contributing factor for decreased height. Normal growth development cannot occur in a stressful environment.

Scientific research has diagnosed the relationship between extreme stress and height as “psychosocial short stature” (PSS), or otherwise known as “Kasper Hauser Syndrome.” Researchers have observed increased levels of stress, associated with low Growth Hormone (GH) levels in the body. Without the proper release of GH, the body is not able to get taller and the skeletal structure remains immature in relation to the age. Documented cases of this condition are rare and usually only found in situations of extreme childhood abuse. What is not yet fully known is the impact of everyday stress over long periods of time on height. In most cases, once the individual has been removed from the source of stress normal growth does resume.

How do I know if stress is impacting my height?

Stress is individual by its nature, but there are common traits that can be linked to stress. Physical responses are the easiest to diagnose for stress. Many people suffer body pains, stomach disruption, nausea, rapid heart beat, changes in their normal sleep schedule, illness, and the picking up of nervous habits when they are stressed. The most important step in growing tall is to diagnose your emotional health. If stress is a factor in your life, the best way to overcome that is to diagnose the true origins. Many individuals come to these conclusions by keeping a tracker of exactly when they feel the listed physical responses and in associate with what. Over time, patterns can emerge and changing your habits will remove the stress trigger. This will automatically increase your growth hormone (GH) level, especially if sleep disruption was a symptom. Full sleeping cycles will increase growth hormone to be released during the fourth stage of sleep. Exercise also works together to reduce lifestyle stress and increase growth hormone production in the body.






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