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Learn How To Grow Taller By Increasing Growth Hormone Secretion As You Age!

This is the one stop resource web site for all individuals who want to increase their height naturally! Up until now, it might have seemed as though little could be done to increase growth hormone release and to improve your height. But, before you give up, please read on... the entire story has not yet been told. It has been found... nutritional supplementation can continue to influence growth hormone release, even in older adults. Recently, two studies using highly controlled experimental designs found that nutritional supplementation with the amino acids L-arginine and ornithine can produce a rather large increase in growth hormone secretion over many hours. Peak levels found in circulation were greater than those produced by any strenuous exercise or deep sleep, and the elevated levels were sustained for up to 8 hours during the day. Even Greater Level Than Injectable HGH "Human Growth Hormone".

In this study, it was found the increase in growth hormone was greater than that which one would expect to find with the administration of injectable HGH. The main point being... Human growth hormone secretion can be significantly increased from oral arginine administration when combined with Ornithine to take advantage of the synergistic effect. In the highly controlled experimental studies described above, the amino acids were taken before bedtime and before exercise. Obviously there is a lot of specifics involved and all these factors need to be balanced in careful harmony for the maximum effect, but that’s what we are here for! "Human Growth Hormone production while your 're asleep" “But, Must Be Taken At A Specific Time...” These special amino acids must be taken together and on an empty stomach. This means you cannot have any food or beverage other than water 3 hours before ingesting the amino acids. Probably the most important time to take these amino acids is at night just before bedtime. However, these amino acids can also be taken just before exercise, but remember, they should be taken following a period of 3 hours without food or a calorie-generating beverage. This must be done so the amino acids do not have to compete with other substances in the gastrointestinal track, thus allowing easy passage of the nutrients to the bloodstream where they can eventually cross into the brain and stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone.

Arginine alone can increase slightly the growth hormone, but, when we add ornithine, it goes up 700%.

When arginine and ornithine are taken according to the “Turn Back The Clock” Plan, increases in muscle strength and performance have been experienced in as little as 3-4 days. Another interesting point: Amino acid combinations, such as arginine and ornithine have been found to improve certain aspects of immune function as well as the production of immune hormones from the thymus gland (factors known to be strongly affected by growth hormone). In the arginine-ornithine study, daily ingestion of these amino acids for 4 weeks in experimental animals markedly improved age-related impairments in the responsiveness of lymphocytes (white blood cells that regulate the immune response and fight infections), and the hormone producing capacity of the thymic immune gland was also normalized in old animals given the preparation.

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More importantly, the researchers found that the hormone-producing capacity of the thymus gland in aging adults was restored to levels that would be found in young adults. The amino acids improved age-related losses in the endocrine system (most probably through improved growth hormone release), and this effect improved body functioning, as measured by changes in the immune system. The reason why these amino acids appear to work so well is not completely understood, especially when considering the relatively low dosages administered. It might be, however, that such a specific combination acts together in synergistic fashion to improve transport across cells in the pituitary, improving their utilization for stimulation of growth hormone secretion. (Growth-FlexV® Pro System). It has also been found that physical exercise can stimulate growth hormone release in older adults, and this increase in secretion can play a significant role in determining their fitness progress.